MASTERFORMER is a next generation EMS device (Electronic Muscle Stimulations). It is an especially effective EMS device and it is characterised by high quality, which is intended for all age and fitness groups, it allows to perform active and passive training. The device is equipped with preset programs, which are very clear in operation and easily available for the user. It is possible to set an individual training program in a wide scope of options, for example, for problematic areas, areas that need rehabilitation or in building muscle mass. Independently of the preset programs, there is an additional number of parameters to choose from, which be set differently and individually.

MASTERFORMER is a perfect device for every personal trainer who would like to be mobile for their clients. Thanks to an integrated function of a chip card it is possible to save individual programs, which are available immediately after inserting the chip card. The training is performed in a washable EMS suit, which comes in different sizes. The suit has the total of 20 integrated impulse transmitters placed in the areas of all the main muscle groups. The EMS suit is connected to the Masterformer device with a control cable. Through delicate, specially selected EMS impulses of different frequencies the entire body musculature is trained and strengthened.

This stimulation with electric impulses triggers the biochemical process of muscle contraction. The resulting effect is much more evident than after normal training. Almost all main muscle groups and all the muscles between them or the ones located deeper are simultaneously stimulated and trained – they are actively built through this training. Athletes can limit the risk of an injury by additional training, because almost all the striated muscles are trained and developed here, instead of only the muscle groups which are necessary for a given sports discipline.

Furthermore, MASTERFORMER offers every active sport fan the possibility of trouble-free training at home, in a hotel or while travelling. The effects are visible and can be felt already after a short-time use. The results will satisfy both those who are not sports enthusiasts and professional athletes.

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